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    Pharmacologie - Faculté de Médecine
    37 Allées Jules Guesde
    31000 TOULOUSE

Who are we ?

            Our activities take part of the UMR1295 (INSERM-UNIVERSITY PAUL SABATIER Toulouse III joint research unit) activities, and more precisely of the SPHERE team “Perinatal, pediatric and adolescent health: epidemiological and evaluative approach” unit activities (managed by Catherine ARNAUD and Valériane LEROY).

             Our offices are located in the Toulouse Regional Pharmacovigilance Centre.

         We also work for the “Medicines, pregnancy and lactation” unit attached to the Toulouse clinical pharmacology department managed by Professor Agnès Sommet.

             Find out more about our research unit activities here:

The team

Mélanie ARAUJO, Biostatistician

Dr Anna-Belle BEAU, Postoctoral fellow, Biostatistician

Dr Marie BESLAY, Postoctoral fellow, Biostatistician

Anthony CAILLET, datamanager

Laurane DELTEIL, Project leader - Biostatistician

Dr Charlotte DUBUCS, PhD Student

Dr Sudip JUNG KARKI, PhD Student

Dr Justine BENEVENT, Hospital Univiversity Assistant, PhD student

Dr Isabelle LACROIX, Hospital Practitioner

Dr Christine DAMASE-MICHEL, Lecturer, Hospital Practitioner, Manager of "Medicines, pregnancy and lactation" unit.

Pr Agnès SOMMET, Professor - Methodologist, Department manager


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